Julie Shepherd

Julie ShepherdGeneral Manager, Newpath Ventures Ltd

Julie manages Newpath Ventures Limited which has a range of emerging Social Firms, in and around Coventry. These include catering (Benedict’s Coffee Room and Benedict’s Outside, and the Four Seasons Function Room) horticulture at Kings Hill Nursery plus packaging with Newpath Contract Packers.

Newpath Ventures Limited is a subsidiary of Life Path Trust, a charity providing support for people with learning disabilities.

Julie is very enthusiastic about the Social Firm model as she believes that it is a positive development towards the culture of good business practice and most importantly, sustainability, in the Social Firm sector. As an assessor Julie looks forward to promoting the Star Social Firm quality standard and actively encouraging companies to achieve the standard and, in so doing, increasing the employment of severely disadvantaged people in vibrant, commercial and successful businesses.

Julie Shepherd receives assessor awardJulie Shepherd receives assessor award