Star Social Firm Assessors

The Star Social Firm Assessors all work within the Social Firm sector. Most are Social Firm managers.
The training for Star Social Firm Assessors was through a specially designed training programme set up and run by SFEDI, a standards setting body.

During training Social Firms Assessors identified a range of attributes that they felt were important ones for assessors.

Good Star Social Firm Assessors Will:

  • believe in the product – the social enterprise way of doing business
  • have an inclusive approach to assessment and working together
  • be logical people who are approachable, impartial and can be trusted to make realistic assumptions
  • be open, transparent and honest
  • be able to put over ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely
  • have an enquiring mind
  • be enthusiastic
  • be amenable
  • be quietly confidant
  • be methodical.
Additionally they will have good
  • interviewing skills;
  • communication skills (verbal and written);
  • mentoring skills;
  • timekeeping abilities.

and an:

  • understanding of the issues facing people with a severe disadvantage;
  • understanding of the business type.

They will be:

  • committed to improving quality.

The Role Of Star Social Firm Assessor

Star Social Firm Assessors are trained to assess Social Firms against the Star Social Firm criteria. As assessors they are there to assess and verify the evidence that has been provided.

Star Social Firm Assessors are not health & safety inspectors, auditors or business consultants. The assessors’ role is to verify the evidence that has been put forward in the application. Assessors want to get the best out of people – to put people at ease and to ensure everyone benefits from the assessment visit.

The Assessor and the person leading on the Star Social Firm application within the Social Firm jointly have a role in ensuring the assessment visit runs smoothly.

Once an assessor has been identified they will:

  • read the application
  • make an introductory phone call to:
  • agree a date, a visit plan and a timetable for the assessment;
  • ensure applicants understand the assessment process and answer any queries about the process;
  • agree a timetable for the visit;
  • agree any additional paperwork that should be made available during the assessment visit.

At the end of the assessment Star Social Firm Assessors will report back to the applicant on the assessment findings and make recommendations.