Marion Summers


Manager Newco Employment & Training

Marion is the manager of Newco Employment & Training (NET) which was established in 2005. It grew out of Newco Products (a Social Firm) desire to further develop the supported employment and training arm of the business. Newco is emerging from Local Authority control, and with a £6 million turnover and 90 employees, Newco believes it is ready to make its own way in the world.

Newco is a pan-disability organisation working in manufacturing, construction and office environments. With a strong emphasis on quality, the organisation holds many quality marks both for its products and training. Whilst Newco delivers quality products for customers, NET delivers quality employment and training with contracts with the Learning and Skills Council and the London Development Agency. NET was delighted in 2007 when one of its employees received an Adult Learner of the Year award.

Marion says, “Being recognised as a quality organisation reflects on everyone involved with the business, and demonstrates to customers that they are dealing with a professional organisation that delivers to the highest standards. To this end I was pleased to be involved in the establishment of the Star Social Firm award. I am looking forward to working with many organisations in the future who want to become Star Social Firms and to raising the profile of Social Firms. Since becoming a Star Social Firms assessor, I have also been appointed to the board of Social Firms UK and am proud to be involved with such a proactive and supportive organisation.


Marion Summers receives assessor awardMarion Summers receives assessor award