The Star Social Firm quality standard is independently assessed and validated. Having developed the Star Social Firm standard the role of Social Firms UK is now to promote knowledge and understanding to the wider world and to encourage Social Firms to achieve the quality standard.

In seeking to grow the Social Firm sector and increase the number of Star Social Firms we have sought to keep the costs of applying for the quality mark as low as possible. To ensure that the cost of applying for the Star Social Firm is within reach and encourage applications, Social Firms UK will pay:

  • all the external validation, assessment and scrutiny costs charged by SFEDI (the Standards setting body appointed to oversee the Star Social Firm and to ensure impartiality);
  • a proportion of the assessment costs
  • the central administrative costs.

We recognise the importance of being able to clearly demonstrate, that in administering the scheme, we are completely impartial and do not:
  • benefit financially;
  • influence who applies for the Star Social Firm;
  • influence the outcome of assessments.

To ensure a financial separation between Social Firms UK and the Star Social Firm, a separate cost centre has been set up for the Star Social Firm and our accounts and systems are open to scrutiny.