The Star Social Firm Criteria

Group1All Social Firms that meet the Values-Based Checklist can apply for Star Social Firm status.

There are eight criteria that must be met. These are designed to show that Social Firms adhere to the sector’s values of Enterprise, Employment and Empowerment. Applicants will demonstrate they have met the criteria, first by answering a series of questions and providing examples to support the application. The application is followed up with an assessment visit. This is an opportunity to really showcase your Social Firm and ensure that the evidence you have provided can be verified.

The criteria are built around:

  • Legal status and constitution;
  • Financial and environmental sustainability;
  • Social Firm business sustainability.

  • Employment of severely disadvantaged people;
  • Clarity of role within the workplace and at board level.

  • Legal compliance;
  • Training and learning;
  • Proactive support and development.

Full details of the criteria are contained in the Star Social Firm Application Pack.