The Star Social Firm Application Process

flowchart showing how the Star Social Firm application and process works and the projected timeline is given on the Step by Step page.

As can be seen from the flowchart, the application process has two main components:
- the application form
- the assessment.
Guidance notes on applications and assessments are available.

It is important to read the Information & Guidance on the Star Social Firm quality standard.

If, before obtaining an application pack, you would like to discuss applying for the Star Social Firm quality standard, please do contact our Quality Development Manager, Kathy Baker. Email or telephone: 01273 890333.  A copy of the Assessor Code of Conduct is included in the Application Pack to inform applicants of the high standard of conduct that can be expected from Assessors.

To protect the Star Social Firm quality standard, applicants will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before details of the criteria and the application questionnaire are provided. Social Firms UK will also sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Email to request a Non Disclosure Agreement. Once completed this should be returned with an initial payment of £50 to:

Star Social Firm
Social Firms UK
Suite 2, Victoria House
10 Brighton Road, Redhill
Surrey  RH1 6QZ

Once both the signed Non Disclosure Agreeement and the initial payment have been received, the Application Pack will be provided by email. The Application Pack includes full information on the Star Social Firm criteria, the application form and detailed guidance. Social Firms UK is more than happy to provide advice and support to assist Social Firms in completing their application. Applicants are strongly urged to take up this offer, which is free to Social Firms UK members. Contact Kathy Baker at or telephone: 01273 890333.

Completed applications together with the supporting information should be emailed to . The remainder of the Star Social Firm assessment fee must be submitted with an application. The cost of an assessment varies according to the size of the Social Firm and the number of sites from which it operates. Please contact Kathy Baker on tel: 01273 890 333 to discuss.

Payments should be made to:
Star Social Firm
Social Firms UK
Suite 2, Victoria House
10 Brighton Road, Redhill
Surrey RH1 6QZ

The assessment visit will normally take place between 6 and 8 weeks after you have submitted your application. However, dates for assessment will be by agreement. Full details of the timings for assessor contact, assessment times and awarding the Star Social Firm are contained in the Application Pack.

Re-applying for the standard

See the time line for the re-accreditation process

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