Promoting Star Social Firms

Group2In addition to indicating quality, the design of the Star Social Firm logo also reflects the character of Social Firms as businesses that are:
  • progressive;
  • dynamic;
  • energetic;
  • moving upwards;
  • special.
The Star Social Firm logo was also designed to address some practical issues e.g. to:
  • be simple;
  • be inexpensive to print;
  • have universal meaning;
  • look good regardless of the size.
Target audiences who can purchase services and products from Star Social Firms with confidence are:
  • public authority procurement officers;
  • companies with a positive approach to corporate social responsibility;
  • third sector organisations;
  • public consumers.
To increase the impact of the quality standard, the strategic target audiences includes:
  • ministers and politicians;
  • social enterprise practitioners;
  • social enterprise support agencies;
  • disabled and disadvantaged individuals;
  • carers and families;
  • individuals with influence at a national level.