What Is The Star Social Firm Standard?

Star Social Firm Quality Mark

The Star Social Firm is the first quality standard to be developed in the social enterprise sector and has been . developed by Social Firms UK, especially for Social Firms (a type of social enterprise). The Star Social Firm confirms quality - of the businesses, their products and services and the workplace. The Star Social Firm quality standard is externally verified and moderated by the standards setting body, SFEDI who further ensure the integrity and reliability of the standard.

Why Social Firms UK Developed The Star Social Firm Quality Standard

Having established the Values-Based Checklist, based on the Social Firm sector’s values of Enterprise, Empowerment and Employment, the staff and board of Social Firms UK decided in 2005 that establishing a quality standard should be the next step in building quality into the Social Firm sector.

The board and staff of Social Firms UK wanted to ensure that a quality standard could be introduced that would confirm a set of messages about Social Firms, their products and services and their supportive workplaces – the factors that make Social Firms unique.

For Social Firms and customers alike the Star Social Firm quality standard confirms they are:

  • leading-edge, genuine Social Firms;
  • sustainable, professional quality-driven businesses;
  • businesses with a sound commercial focus;
  • business where people and organisations can purchase with confidence;
  • businesses that can help others achieve their own corporate social responsibility targets;
  • businesses with high values and an ethical purpose.

For Social Firms achieving the quality standard :

  • symbolises professionalism to internal and external stakeholders; and
  • provides a valuable developmental process.


For the Social Firm sector as a whole Star Social Firms:
  • provide inspiration to others interested in creating Social Firms;
  • raise the profile of Social Firms as good businesses.

To achieve these benefits, there needs to be a rigorous standard designed to reward genuine Social Firms and reassure customers that these organisations do what they say ‘on the tin’. Social Firms UK feels it is crucial to support its members in achieving high quality standards in order to promote their products and services with confidence.