What People Say

Star Social Firm Managers

How might it help your organisation in the future?

  • “to focus on doing better, especially on business development;”
  • “to maintain high standards of strategic and operational management and as a development tool and benchmark against our strategic objectives;”
  • “ to maintain and continue to develop high quality services that meet the needs of the target audiences;”
  • [with] “funding bids;”
  • [with gaining] “credibility with Local Authority and other stakeholders;”
  • [to] “promote disability employment and equate it to success – reducing stigma;”
  • "recognition of working to aims and objectives;”
  • “publicity;”
  • “accredited firms would be a good exemplar for emerging companies to discuss their work with.”
Did you find the whole process beneficial to you or your organisation?

  • [it] ”helped to identify and develop improved processes for the future direction and management of the organisation;”
  • “it is beneficial because we are being asked to examine our protocols and effectiveness as a sustainable business with social objectives;”
  • [it] “helped to formalise and record already established informal processes and procedures;”
  • “it focuses you to think honestly about how your business functions especially as you are required to produce evidence and potentially forces you into addressing actions you had been thinking about but not progressed;”
  • “the award will be enormously valuable to all Social Firms and aspiring Social Firms in promoting what they achieve;”
  • [it] “validates what we do;”
  • [it’s ] “proof that we do what we say!”
  • “it is always useful to have an independent party come in and assess our processes and effectiveness;”
  • “pulling together information for assessment helped identify a couple of areas of service and system improvement;”
  • “assessors listened and sought to understand are business – they did not come in with fixed expectations and a rigid “checklist” approach.”
  • "Our sector needs to be almost better than everyone else to have credibility in the market place. We are proud to have the status of the Star Social Firm. Being a Star Social Firm will help us market ourselves and engage with existing customers." (David Whyte, Haven Products Ltd www.havenproducts.co.uk)

Employee of a Star Social Firm

"We are really pleased to be a Star Social Firm. It gives all the staff a sense of ownership and gets everyone excited about things." Employee of Haven Products Ltd www.havenproducts.co.uk

A Private Sector Customer of a Social Firm

David Donaldson is Director Of Supply Chain at the Edrington Group who use Star Social Firm Haven Products as one of their suppliers. David says, "The Star Social Firm quality mark that Haven has been awarded reinforces what we already knew - that they are excellent employers to their staff. It helps us because it standardises things when we compare them as a supplier to other suppliers." Read more about David's relationship with Haven.

Social Enterprise Coalition, Jonathan Bland

"Social enterprises are economic vehicles for empowerment. It is the business model for the 21st century. Our vision at Social Enterprise Coalition is for social enterprises and Social Firms to trade in every section of the economy. The only barriers to new markets are barriers that we create ourselves. It is increasingly important to prove the value of what the sector does. The Star Social Firm quality mark is a very good way to demonstrate the impact of Social Firms. The social enterprise sector can look at this and see how that information can be shared." www.socialenterprise.org.uk